Trekking Forts at Nashik – Harihar Gad Fort Nashik -

Trekking Forts at Nashik – Harihar Gad Fort Nashik

 Trekking Forts at Nashik - Harihar Gad Fort Nashik

Trekking Forts at Nashik – Harihar Gad Fort Nashik

Hello friends, today we will see information about various forts in the Nashik district. In this article, I will tell you in detail about the features of this fort, its structure, its natural environment in terms of tourism as well as the various ways to get there. 

When the forts are named, the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Maharashtra come to mind. But apart from these mountains, there are many other forts in Maharashtra that have a very rich history. And in terms of tourism, these forts are still very strong and great for trekking.

And one more thing is that most of the forts are 400 to 700 years old and yet they are perfectly located today. The construction of that period is very good, but it is still in good condition. So if you want to know about such forts then read this article in full then let’s start.

In the previous few articles we had seen information about forts in Pune district and various forts in Maharashtra as well as great places for trekking but in today’s article we will only talk about some important forts in Nashik district and their names are given below.

  •  Harihar Gad
  •  Ramshej Gad
  •  Mulher Fort
  •  Salota Fort

We will look at the details of these forts in detail, including the various places and features of the forts, as well as which forts will be suitable for tourism.

Harihar Gad

If you have heard of forts in Maharashtra, Harihar Gad is one of the most difficult forts in Maharashtra. You may have seen a lot of photos of this fort till today, and you may have guessed the fort from that too. The feature of this fort is its height and steep slope. 

All the forts have heights etc. The same ups and downs are also available in all places but there is only one and a half feet space to climb up to this fort. The steps of these feet are so small that when you climb up, you realize exactly where you are.

You can imagine how difficult it will be to climb this fort as the steps in the space of one and a half feet are still getting thinner in some places. And the harder the thing, the more eager people are to do it. Therefore, Harihar Gad is very famous in terms of tourism. So I want you to see this fort for sure.

Ramshej Gad

The fort and its history about three and a half hundred years ago give it a strong identity. The height of the fort is not that high, but it took six years to conquer the fort. From this, you can guess what the ramparts of the fort will be like.

The fort’s strong towers and various religions are some of the places worth visiting. In the same way, its feature is that the entire Nashik district can be seen on the east side of it, and most of such ancient objects are still on the fort. To visit this fort, you just have to go to Nashik city, from where this fort is located about seven kilometres long. If you like to see different things, you must visit this fort.

Mulher Fort

This fort is located in Nashik district but not around Nashik city but in a taluka there. Some of the things about this fort are very famous and one of the features of the Tikkad fort that you will see is that the plateau part is more found here. 

If you look at other forts, the fort ends after a certain height and there is a place to stay. But the forts here have been built by making the flats a little higher, one flat space back and another flat space a little higher.

Mulher fort is in great demand for trekking as the ancient stone construction is still in good condition. This fort was in the possession of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was known as one of the important forts in Baglan. The way to reach this fort is that you can come here from either Nashik or Gujarat.

 Salota Fort

The Salota fort adjacent to Mulher fort was also in the possession of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The feature of these two forts is that they are very close to each other and hence these forts used to be used for communication. In terms of trekking, Salota is a bit difficult for trekking. The fort of Tamanane Mulher is easy for trekking.

When you visit this area, be sure to visit both these forts and you will get information about the ancient history of those forts and various nutrients.

About Salher Fort Nashik

Like all this, the Nashik district also has the tallest fort in Maharashtra. Its name is Salher Fort. I have already posted the entire article on this. If you want more information about it, check it out here. It explains all the features of a fort, the height of the fort as well as the various ways to get here.

If you are curious about this, you will get complete information about this fort by reading this.


I hope you liked this article, in today’s article, we have seen information about various forts in the Nashik district for trekking purpose. We also looked at which forts are suitable for tourism and trekking. It is very important to know the situation before going trekking. That’s why I regularly write the same kind of information. If you like it, follow us.

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