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Famous Dishes and Tourist Places in Nashik

Famous Dishes and Tourist Places in Nashik

Famous Dishes and Tourist Places in Nashik

Hello friends, today we are going to see what things are there to see in Nashik district as well as how Nashik district is in terms of tourism. If you come to Nashik, come there and see what happens. And today we are going to look at how other arrangements are there.

In this article, I have given information about the tourist places in the entire Nashik district as well as the famous things in Nashik, the food, the standard of living, and the overall atmosphere here. So let’s get started.

When we hear the name Nashik, the first thing that comes to our mind is Sai Baba’s temple in Shirdi. Similarly, Trumbakeshwar is the source of the Godavari river. Both of them are great in terms of tourism but there are other places to visit in Nashik. Similarly, we will now see the complete information about some of the most famous things in Nashik.

List of famous dishes in Nashik

  • Nashik Misal
  • Famous Vadapav of Nashik
  • Grapes of Nashik

 A famous mix of Nashik

Misal is said to have originated in Nashik district. Made very simple and straightforward, this mix tastes very tasty. Similarly, the characteristic of this mixture is that it is very spicy. There are many hotels or shops in Nashik that offer excellent mix. So after coming to Nashik, try the misal here.

Famous Vadapav of Nashik

If we say Maharashtra, then Vada-Pav is coming. A similar Khamang Vadapav is also found in Nashik district. The fame of this Vadapav is so high that people from the whole country visit here just to eat Vadapav. It is not yet known exactly where this Vadapav originated from but this Vadapav is very famous in Nashik Pune area of ​​Maharashtra.

Grapes of Nashik

 If you like sour-sweet grapes. So Nashik is a great place for you. Grapes from Nashik are sent all over India as well as outside India. The very large size of grapes is the characteristics of the grapes from here. It produces two types of grapes. Most of the people in Nashik district cultivate grapes.

So here is the list of famous dishes and fruits in Nashik. Another feature of life in this area is that life here is very spicy. Now we will see information about various tourist places in Nashik and its features.

Famous tourist destinations in Nashik

In the previous few articles, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple, as well as Trimbakeshwar, is mentioned. If you want to read it, click here. Today we are going to look at the information about what to do in Nashik. Nashik district is surrounded by nature and trees are found in most areas. Similarly, Nashik is known as an advanced and clean district.


 Located since the Pandava period, this cave is very close to Nashik. Or even if it is said that this cave is in Nashik city. Exquisite carvings and stone sculptures are the hallmarks of this place. These caves date back to the Pandava period. To see these caves, one has to climb a mountain first. Then at a certain distance, you find stone carvings as well as special designs. This finely chopped work is still safe today. This is a place to see in Nashik.

Temple of Someshwar Mahadev

There is a large temple of Lord Shiva at Someshwar on the banks of Godavari river. This temple is located about three kilometres away from Nashik city. The temple is very crowded every Monday. At other times, too, the temple is crowded. If you want something to do in Nashik, this is another option. Being on the banks of the river, this area offers beautiful nature.

Harihar Gad

Harihar Gad or Harihar Fort is known in Nashik district as the most difficult to climb in the Sahyadri range. High hills and steep slopes are a feature of this place. There are steps to reach the fort from a very small space. It is therefore known to be very difficult to handle. The fort is located ten kilometres from Trimbakeshwar. If you like trekking, then after coming to Nashik for tourism, you should definitely climb this fort.

Ramshej Fort

Like Harihar Gad, Hade fort is also in Nashik district. The fort is small in height but the history above is very surprising. It took six years to conquer this fort. From that, you can guess how strong the bastions of the fort must be. And this fort, which is still in good condition today, is a great option for tourism.

Lohner Ganapati Temple

The Ganpati Temple in Lohner village in Nashik district is also very famous. An attractive idol of Lord Ganesha is kept in this temple and you can see a lot of people here every year during the Lord Ganesha festival.


If Nashik district is mentioned, then the place of gods and goddesses has also come. So you can see many famous temples in Nashik district. Every taluka there also has something famous. We are posting similar articles every day. If you like, you can read about tourist destinations in different places, as well as various dishes then follow us.

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