Salher Fort – Tallest Fort in Maharashtra & Highest Fort of Shivaji Maharaj -

Salher Fort – Tallest Fort in Maharashtra & Highest Fort of Shivaji Maharaj

Salher Fort - Tallest Fort in Maharashtra & Highest Fort of Shivaji Maharaj

Hello friends, today we are going to look at the information about the tallest fort in Maharashtra. Which is also highest fort of Shivaji Maharaj. Similarly, this fort, which is very popular in terms of tourism, really shows the beautiful scenery of nature and we will see all the information about what to do to visit it in the previous article. 

Now you may be excited to know the name of that fort. So the name of Tallest Fort in Maharashtra & Highest Fort of Shivaji Maharaj is Salher Fort.

Forts in Maharashtra are famous all over India. Then you can understand what the tallest fort in Maharashtra would be like. People from far and wide come here for tourism or trekking. Today we will see the complete information about this fort, all the towers and their height. 

When it comes to forts in Maharashtra, the first name that comes to mind is that of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Most of the forts in Maharashtra were built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and even today there is a lot of evidence of that period. So let’s start and see the information about the tallest fort in Maharashtra.

Salher Fort is the tallest fort in Maharashtra

Salher Fort in the Indian state of Maharashtra is known as the tallest fort there. The height of Salher Fort is 1,567 m. This is much higher than other forts. And if we compare the fort with the Sahyadri mountain range, only the Torna fort is found near it. This part, which is rich in forts, is surrounded by the whole of nature.

Ways to reach Salher Fort

As this fort is on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat, one can enter here from both the states. If you look at it, the fort is located entirely in Maharashtra, so this is the right way to reach the fort. To get here, first, you have to go to the Nashik district of Maharashtra. There is a taluka called Baglan in Nashik. In this taluka, the fort is located near a small village. 

This is the best way to get around. This road, which is a national highway, is wide up to Baglan, from where you have to take a side road for ten kilometres from a village. This way you can visit the fort of Sal for tourism.

Places to see in Salher Fort

 As this fort is the tallest fort in Maharashtra, there are many places to visit. The most beautiful place to see from the fort is the nature seen from here. We get to see the alchemy of indescribable nature. If you are a nature lover then definitely visit this area once and you will have a different experience. 

After climbing a small part of the fort, you can see various types of trees on top of it. A variety of flowers and springs flowing from the hill of the fort is a sight to behold.

Along with nature, there are still many places to see like the three gates of the fort. Looking inside, the fort still has four to five gates, but three gates are considered to be the main ones. The first door is 500 to 600 meters high. 

The fortified gate is made entirely of stone. This is a great place for photography. And the latter two gates are also in the plateau area above the fort. After going to the top of the fort, you feel that you have reached a lot higher than this world. 

From this area all the small villages around as well as all the river springs are visible. Haranbari Dam is also very clear from here as the number of water suppliers is as follows. To lighten the load on the mind, this is a must-visit place to stay in close proximity to nature.

Antiquities at Salher Fort

The fort said that the antiquities from there also came. Similarly, Salher fort also has some antiquities. These include the cave on the fort, the court of the Maharaja, some ancient stones, etc. Surrounded by such nature, Saler Fort is always bustling with tourists. If you like to see the fort, then the fort can be a great option.

There is a temple at the end of this fort. When we reached near the temple, we understood that we had reached the end of what we had done. All the surrounding hills seem very small in front of this. If you visit this fort on rainy days, you will see rivers and dams all around. 

There is a huge amount of air in the temple premises above. The saffron flag planted here is known as a symbol of the Maratha Empire. Mavals, who have always been Chhatrapati’s servants, and the fort of Salher, which they cherished, are a must-see for everyone.

Conclusion about Tallest Fort in Maharashtra

Great for trekking and tourism, this fort is known as the tallest fort in Maharashtra. It takes about four hours to reach the top. The morning time is very suitable for climbing the fort. It is easy for young people to climb the fort, but it would be better not to build the entire fort according to age. You can imagine how strong this fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj must have been at that time. This fort is not such an easy thing. So visit this tallest fort in Maharashtra to see the alchemy of nature.

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