Best Food Dishes of India – Indian Food Speciality -

Best Food Dishes of India – Indian Food Speciality

Best Food Dishes of India - Indian Food Speciality

Best Food Dishes of India – Indian Food Speciality

Hello friends, today we are going to look at the information and features of various Indian dishes. Also, what is the speciality of those foods that make them so popular all over the world? If you look at it, Indian food is in demand all over the world. But most people don’t even know why these foods are so tasty. So in today’s article, we will see the complete information about the same. So let’s get started.

First of all, Indian food is a bit spicy, so people in other parts of the world like it a little differently. In India, cooking is not only a job but also satisfaction. So the meal gets a different taste.

In this article, we will look at the following:

  • Indian spices
  • India’s simple meal
  • Methods of making Indian food
  • Famous cooking in India

Indian spices

Famous all over the world, these Indian spices are known for their distinctive taste. In fact, India became known to the world for its famous spices. A few years ago, when no one in the world knew about spices, India was the first to change the taste of food in the world. People all over the world used to eat only to satisfy their hunger, but at the time when these spices were invented, it became a delicacy to eat.

These Indian spices are made from all kinds of spicy foods. This makes the meal very spicy. After coming to India, you will get food in all the hotels. Meals are prepared in this way.

India’s simple meal

Now we are going to talk about Indian food and some of the eating habits. If you look at other countries, pizza burgers are used more in meals. But in India, fresh food is cooked and eaten on a daily basis. It also boosts people’s immunity. Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Rice and dal – It is very easy to digest and very good in taste, is definitely in the meal. Whether you make a meal in the afternoon or in the evening, you will definitely find Varan rice in the meal.

Poli and Bhaji – Like Varan Bhat, Poli and Bhaji are also eaten by Indians all the time. Highly nutritious for the body, it provides all the carbohydrates to your body. You can find this food in Indian restaurants.

Methods of making food in India

If you look at the style of making dishes from other places, Indian dishes are made by slightly different methods. In this, all the methods from cleaning to cooking are slightly different.

The whole substance is first washed with clean water, then finely chopped if necessary. And instead of using it, they are cooked directly by adding spices and oil. If you look elsewhere, there are many methods of boiling food, but in India, they do not. The main reason for this is that most of the vitamins in the food are lost after opening.

As well as making the food, there are some different ways to grow it on a plate. In many places, they are grown as a specific structure. From now on, when you visit India, definitely go for a meal in a nice Indian restaurant. How many of you will get to see all these things.

Famous cooking in India

The main reason why Indian food has a special taste is cooking here. This is one of the arts in India. Similarly, various competitions are also organized here in which you have to make different dishes and the ones whose food is most delicious become the winners. 

The nutritional value of the meal is as important as the taste. Because of our food is good then the mind is happy and if the food is nutritious then the body stays healthy. Diet is very important in Indian culture. So try this easy to digest and very tasty Indian food.


Every country has something special. It’s really fun to go there and see her. So tourism is the greatest joy of life. Also, some people like to diversify their diet or try different types of foods. If you like it too, then follow us. Because we regularly post such informative articles. If you are fascinated about different foods of the world as well as tourism, here you will find all kinds of articles.

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