How is Konkan – The Natural Beauty of Maharashtra -

How is Konkan – The Natural Beauty of Maharashtra

How is Konkan – The Natural Beauty of Maharashtra

Hey guys, welcome to all, today we are going to see all information about Konkan which is called as the natural beauty of Maharashtra. Konkan is one of the famous places in India. many tourist visit hereafter they went to Goa.

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in this article I am going to tell you about the speciality of a Konkan famous places of Konkan Popular dishes of Konkan and Konkan beach Located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Konkan is known as a very scenic place. It is always bustling with tourists. Along with the air, food and nature, these things make your mind beautiful here.

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Famous places in Konkan

  •  Malvan
  •  Sindhudurg Fort
  •  Devbag Beach
  •  Arabian coast
  •  Curly River
  •  Konkan nuts
  •  Cashew nuts from Konkan
  •  Mango chanterelles

These are famous places in Konkan. Now we are going to look at some information about each place. And a speciality of these places.

Malvan –

Malvan is known as a beautiful taluka in Sindhudurg district. Malvani language or Malvani dialect is also very famous. In terms of tourism, Malvan taluka is the largest taluka in Konkan.

Like the fish in Malwan, the various eating methods are also very popular. Every dish made there is made from coconut milk. To reach Sindhudurg fort, one has to go through Malvan, so this part is always crowded.

Small roads and lots of trees in front of every house are the identities of the owners. Since farming is not possible in this area, most of the people here depend on fish for their livelihood. If you go to Konkan, definitely visit Malvan.

Sindhudurg Fort

The district was named after this fort. The 48-acre fort is completely submerged in water. The fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is still strong despite being underwater for four hundred years. The construction on the fort is still strong without cracking any wall.

The only temple of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra is located on Sindhudurg fort. The fort was built by the Maharaja to keep an eye on the beach. The coconut tree on the fort is another wonder of this fort. This rare tree has two branches. There are two ways to reach Sindhudurg fort, one is for tourists and the other is closed.

The fort can be reached by boat. The beauty of this fort is still enhanced due to its construction in the sea. One must see this masterpiece of art once.

Devbag Beach

Devbag village in Malvan taluka is located on the Arabian coast. Similarly on the left side of the village is the river and on the right side is the sea. The creek, which joins the river and the sea, is visited by this village. Beach soil and coconut trees are the main features and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

Arabian Beach 

Arabian Beach is found in Malvan taluka of Sindhudurg district. The fish from this coast are sent to the entire Sindhudurg district as well as to Goa. Known as the calm sea, this Arabian beach is very beautiful.

All kinds of arrangements are made here for tourists. If you want to enter the sea, you can use the boat to get inside. You will find a variety of fish and skeletons near the Arabian coast. When you visit Konkan, you will definitely see some part of the Arabian coast.

Karli River 

Another place to visit in Konkan. There are many rivers in the Konkan, but the river flows into the Arabian Sea. If you want to see the confluence of river and sea, you have to go to the end of Malvan.

Due to its close proximity to the coast, most of the river water is saline in the Konkani region. And some villages are part of the entire creek. They look like small islands because of the rocks under the river.

Konkan Mewa

In Kokan Mewa first thing came that is fish. Fish is the main food of the people of Konkan. Similarly, various orchards are also a major attraction in Konkan. It is difficult to cultivate in this area as it is sea sand.

The food in Konkan has a different taste and you can experience it only after going there, so it is said that you should definitely go to Konkan once. You will find excellent and fresh coconuts as well as large locusts to eat.

Konkan Cashews

You can see cashew trees all over the Konkan. And most people also have cashew orchards. Cashews are very famous in Maharashtra and outside Maharashtra. Konkan cashews are slightly larger in size. And you should definitely eat this fruit which tastes very beautiful. After going to Konkan, cashew trees are found everywhere. Next time you go to Konkan, definitely bring cashew nuts there.

Mango chanterelles

 Like cashews, mangoes from Konkan are also very famous. The captivating aroma of various varieties and varieties of mango trees attracts the attention of tourists. In Sindhudurg district, most of the mangoes in the region are known as Konkan. 


I hope you are now clear with How is Kokan. All these places are in our Konkan in Maharashtra. If you like this, definitely visit Konkan. Known as the natural beauty of Maharashtra, the Konkan is truly beautiful. The language of the people here is Marathi or Malvani. Subscribe to us to read similarly important articles.

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