Worlds Tallest Idol of Lord Rishabhdev – Mangi Tungi Nashik -

Worlds Tallest Idol of Lord Rishabhdev – Mangi Tungi Nashik

Worlds Tallest Idol of Lord Rishabhdev - Mangi Tungi Nashik

Hello friends, in today’s article we will see one of the tallest idols of Lord Rishabhdev from Maharashtra Mangi Tungi. We are going to look at this 108 feet high idol and all the features about it as well as where it is and what it is made of etc. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra, and we will see exactly where it is today, and how to get there.

If you are a tourist and are fascinated to know different places and its features, then today’s article is going to be very beautiful for you. I have also explained in detail how these very tall idols are made, just like how different things are made.

Now you must be curious to know about this idol, what exactly is in this idol, then let’s see the 108 feet idol in Maharashtra.

Worlds Tallest Idol of Lord Rishabhdev

This 108 feet high idol of Rishabhdev is located in Baglan taluka of Nashik district in Maharashtra. And the Statue of to this statue. It is also called. This idol of Lord Rishabhdev is located in Baglan taluka. 

The way to get here is that first you have to go to Nashik district of Maharashtra, then you reach Baglan taluka by any means. The distance is about ninety kilometers. Since it is a taluka, you will find a lot of amenities here, so if your place of residence is not certain, you can stay here. After this you can see this idol from Baglan on the Mumbai-Agra highway straight to the village of Taharabad. The same road goes straight to Gungan village and here is the 108 feet idol of Lord Rishabhdev.

A speciality of Statue of Lord Rishabhdev

The 108 feet idol of Mangitungi is known as the tallest idol of Lord Rishabhdev in the world. The main reason why this idol of Lord Rishabhdev is closed at this place is because of the two strong Mangitungi hills here. Similarly, the temple of Lord Rishabhdev here. 

When the entire construction of this idol was completed, a big celebration was held here. The President of India was invited as his chief guest. The event, which lasted for almost a month, was celebrated on a grand scale during the festival. The people of the hilltop village also joined in the festivities with great joy.

History of the 108-foot idol of Mangitungi

Everyone thought that it would cost a lot to make this idol, but it is also true that it costs a lot to make such things. But when the construction of this idol was about to begin, these people were looking for a rock so that it would be suitable for the construction of the stone idol. And the construction of the idol was started on the right side of the hill Mangi out of Mangi Tungi. But after a few days I realized that it was not appropriate to build this rock idol, and various kinds of difficulties began to arise there.

So the idol was relocated and the idol was built on the left side of Mangi hill. This 108 feet high idol of Lord Rishabhdev is a masterpiece of art.

The amazing thing is that it is carved in stone. If we look at others in their case, they are first constructed and then placed in a specific place, but the feature of this idol is that it is built in the same rock. So a very strong and tall Puri idol looks very beautiful.

Mangitungi hill is also known as a popular tourist destination in Nashik district. Like this idol, there is a lot of space for trekking. Both Mangi and Tungi are great for mountain trekking. So if you are interested in tourism then you must visit this place to know more about this root for trekking as well as various things to see.

Conclusion of Worlds Tallest Idol of Lord Rishabhdev

So friends, in today’s article we saw the world’s tallest idol of Lord Rishabhdev and the information and features about it. It’s all about the place, about getting there, and about the must-see tour. If you would like to know more about different foods, places to meet, different tourist destinations, follow us. We regularly post similarly informative articles. And if you liked today’s article, send it to your friends who are enthusiastic about this type of tourism.

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