Top 5 places to visit in Maharashtra -Tourism in Maharashtra -

Top 5 places to visit in Maharashtra -Tourism in Maharashtra

Top 5 places to visit in Maharashtra

If you are a tourist and interested in visiting Maharashtra, then today I am going to tell you about the five places to visit in Maharashtra. Where you will get a lot of joy and your tour will be very very successful and often awesome.

When it comes to Maharashtra, the first thing that comes to mind is its Marathi language. This very loving and affectionate Marathi language is the identity of Maharashtra. When many tourists come to Maharashtra, they are amazed by the natural beauty as well as the progressive cities.

Maharashtra, which is very industrially advanced, also has great places for tourism. So in today’s article, we are going to learn a little bit about such places as well as the features of various other places and ways to get there. So let’s get started.

Mumbai The Capital of Maharashtra

Mumbai is one of the most famous cities to visit in Maharashtra. Today, Maharashtra is known all over the world because of Mumbai. Mumbai, known as the city of dreams, is very important to some. The entire state of Maharashtra is almost governed in Mumbai and the Ministry of Maharashtra is also located in Mumbai. One of the many things to see in Mumbai is the Taj Hotel and its adjoining high gateway of India.

The Gateway of India is a great place for tourists with a book cover. The Taj Hotel with its beaches and the adjoining Gateway of India are breathtaking. Beach air and water on foot are always desirable. This is where you get the best experience.

The other big places to see in Mumbai are Marine Drive, Girgaum Chowpatty, and other Chowpatty. In fact, Mumbai is known as a natural destination, so most parts of Mumbai enjoy the four corners of the sea. After sitting on these fours, the silt in the air and the sand under the feet give a different experience. This is one of the most famous places in Maharashtra.

Temple of Nashik Trimbakeshwar

You all know that Kumbh Mela comes after twelve years. The Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik is one of the three places where it is celebrated. This place is also well known as the source of the Godavari river. The river Ganga Godavari rises from a hill in this place. 

The natural scenery here is very pleasing to the mind. Therefore, if you come from Nashik district, you should definitely visit the temple of Trimbakeshwar.

This temple attracts a wide variety of people from all over the world. Similarly, saints also come here regularly. This famous temple is on the right side of Nashik district.

Shirdi Sai Baba’s Temple

Sai Baba’s temple in Shirdi is a must-visit in Maharashtra. This temple is also located in Nashik district. Tourists come here from all over India as well as from all over the world. Sai Baba’s temple in Shirdi, which is very famous for its autumn, is always open to devotees.

If you want to stay there, it is also fully arranged there. People from all over India also come to this temple on foot. The main attraction of the temple is the beautiful and well-constructed temple and the idol of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. This is a must-see place.

Mangitungi hill of Baglan

Mangitungi mountain range in Baglan taluka is also one of the very well known tourist destinations. A 108 feet high idol of Lord Buddha is installed at this place. And the special thing is that this idol is made of the same mountain stone. 

The height of the Mangi-Tungi mountains is about three thousand feet. Rope ways or other means are provided to reach the idol. And if you want to do trekking, that route is also open to you, so this is a great place for tourists.

There are two hills here, Mangi and Tungi. There are various naturally occurring landmarks at the top of both the hills. The main attraction of this place is the eight feet high statue of Lord Buddha and the tops of both the hills. These hills are located near the village in Baglan taluka.

Range of Sahyadri in Pune

If you come to visit Maharashtra, all the above places are great and if you also like trekking, then definitely visit the Sahyadri mountains in Pune. All these forts have beautiful places for trekking on forts and mountains, so if you are a tourist, you must visit the Sahyadri mountain range.


Tourism is a very beautiful part of human life. There are a lot of things that sometimes make it impossible for you to go out, but when you go for a walk somewhere, the fun is something else. All the above places are in the state of Maharashtra and if you go on a Maharashtra safari, these are definitely places you should visit. These places are famous not only at the national level but all over the world.

These places are even more exciting as they are close to nature and can be taken by the whole family. We post a variety of similar articles on a regular basis. If you like it, follow us. Stay connected with us if you want to know about various catering about tourism.

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